Select from a full range of kitchen, bathroom, bar, and customized countertops to suit your space. From laminate to granite, choose from the most popular styles and materials. Let Custom Cabinets help you select the right countertop for your project.

Custom Cabinets stocks three of the most popular laminate colors: Milano Quartz, Butterum Granite, &  Blackstar Granite. These three laminate colors are made-to-order in an incredible turn-around time of ONLY 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS! All three laminate colors come in a standard postform, no drip edge, 25″ deep with backsplash. Custom modifications such as finished ends, assembled miters, sink installation, and cooktop cutouts are available as well.

Our design team will help you understand the different options and the best solution for your budget. Select from a full range of countertops for your kitchen, bath, bar, or entertainment area customized countertops to suit your space.

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Postform Edge Profiles